Our Story

Who is this Alyssa Blask Campbell, anyway?

Seed&SewWebsitePhotoI am a lover of tiny humans, firm believer that it takes a village to raise these tiny humans, and am committed to redesigning how this village is constructed.  I have the privilege of belonging to hundreds of villages, as a teacher, doula, friend, aunt, and early childhood specialist. After learning that 90% of a child’s brain is formed by age 5, I was all in to the early childhood world; talk about impact!  I think that if we REALLY want to change the world, we need to start with our youngest humans.  My master’s degree in early childhood education helps me bridge the world of parent groups supporting one another in the trenches with what the heck to do with these wild humans.  I have a passion for helping families and teachers develop emotional intelligence, sleep, and language development in the early years.   We have the power to impact their brains, to help develop kind, emotionally intelligent, innovative humans, but it requires intention. I love to work together with families to figure out what the tiny humans are trying to tell us, as well as supportive ways we can respond that work for all.  I am a sucker for a good dry cider and a baby belly laugh.  I am married to an amazing feminist who is working hard to create environmentally positive housing that is truly affordable.  When we aren’t knee deep in our mission driven work, we are usually found traveling the northeast visiting all of our favorite littles.




Seeds, like the tiny humans, start small, they have to be meticulously cared for, their environment really matters, but if we are intentional, then over time they grow into something phenomenal. It doesn't happen overnight; you can spend weeks and months doing the same thing for them until you start to see a change.  I chose Sew because it makes me think of a quilt, where everyone brought a piece and we sewed it together to make something beautiful.  That reminds me of the village.  We aren't meant to raise children on our own.  We all bring different strengths to the table because no one has all the answers on their own, but together if we support one another, raising these tiny humans can be amazing.


You are a parent, teacher, doula, pediatrician, village member who wants to cultivate a society of emotionally intelligent, innovative, kind children who will go on to achieve dreams grander than we have imagined.   You are intentional and work hard to provide the best world for your littles.  You may have read all the books or none of the books. You are ready to grow your village and work together to enjoy your time with your sweet babes.  You and your besties may find yourself in the trenches supporting each other, but not sure how to get out.  Fear not, we are here to collaborate with you!