Sleep Tips

90% of my clients have one thing in common.  We can typically adjust ONE area of sleep and see lasting changes.  Want in on the secret?  I created two freebies to guide you so you can start cultivating the experiences that make you want to freeze time so you can be in those moments for longer (and no, not just the moments where you finally get to sit down in silence with your coffee/wine all by yourself). 

Gift Guide

Are you on the hunt for a gift for your little's upcoming birthday? Or want to store this information away for birthday parties? Snag this FREE GIFT GUIDE below to help you with all things ages 0-5.


Why to set boundaries and how to hold them. Boundaries help children feel safe. They let kiddos know that we will call the shots so they don’t have to.

Fab Five Sleep Products

I am SO excited to get to share some of my favorite products with you when it comes to keeping your tiny human snoozing through the night! With so many products on the market, it can get very overwhelming trying to figure out what you actually need, but today I am diving into my top 5 favorite products for the sleep environment. I begin each sleep consultation look at the three most important components: environment, biology, and behavior.

Screen Time

Are you over there feeling SO JUDGED when your tiny humans watch Daniel Tiger, or a youtube video about trucks (those have some catchy tunes, y’all)?Don’t worry, I am here with info on the “why” behind latest research, alternatives if you just don’t know what else to do, and some reassurance that it’s all good.

Early Communication Development

What is the importance of promoting language right from the beginning of infancy? From the start, babies are developing attunement which is their ability to make a connection with their caregiver whether it is through physical touch or through movements with their body. Developing this attunement between the caretaker and the baby lays down the foundation for the early stages of interaction.

Disabilities Book List

Have you seen someone with disabilities in public and weren’t sure how to support your children with respectful, inclusive dialogue? We don’t want to be offensive, but we also want to help our children understand the world. Well, Whitney Kallenbach and I dove into ways to address this topic with your kiddos as well as when it varies, i.e. a child versus an adult. We had an honest conversation about questions we were both bringing to the table, along with personal experiences.

Childcare Environments

When it comes to choosing childcare, there are so many factors to consider. From childcare center, to home daycares and nannies, knowing what to look for, what to ask, and who to trust can be an overwhelming journey. I hung out with Lacey Mallet, who has over a decade of experience in various early childhood settings, to examine the ins and outs of childcare so you can decide what’s best for your family unit. Snag our freebie!

Questions to ask when choosing childcare

Lacey Mallett and I picked right back up from where we left off on questions we thought we would important when looking at childcare center, nannies, and home daycare center. This will serve as a guide to help steer you in the right direction and confidently be able to go into these environments with a set of questions and helpful tips to keep in mind.

Building Emotional Development

Where to start with emotional development… Parenting is overwhelming. You have to think about all the things all the time. Not only do you have to keep this people alive, but you’re also expected to raise functional members of society. Well, we know the greatest factor in a successful life is emotional intelligence. So, how do you foster that? I created a step by step process of how to find your calm, when they’re losing their theirs.

Raising Emotionally Intelligent Children

The greatest predictor of success in life is emotional intelligence. The brain is 90% developed by age five, so what are we doing to lay this foundation birth to five? I hung out with Logan Blask, mom of two five year olds who have a beautiful emotional foundation. We discussed the ins and outs of laying that foundation, what it looks like on a daily basis, and how we can foster emotional development.To get you kickstarted, we created a free list of books you can read with your littles to start laying that foundation today.