Sleep Support


These tiny humans are constantly changing. Just when we think we have things figured out and in a good routine, we are met with a 5am wake up call from a kiddo ready to start the day when we are yearning for just ooonnneee more hour of sleep, please! Well, we have great news for you. We are ready to join your village and help you figure out what is going on and how to achieve optimal sleep. We will dive into the brain development to figure out what is happening in that ever growing mind. What we tend to see is often just the tip of the iceberg. We will explore and create a plan together that works best for your family system and aligns with your values. We think of ourselves as investigators, figuring out the root of the issues, and aren’t here to “train” a child to sleep.


90% of my clients have one thing in common. We can typically adjust ONE area of sleep and see lasting changes.  Want in on the secret? Click here to access the freebies I created to guide you so you can start cultivating the experiences that make you want to freeze time so you can be in those moments for longer (and no, not just the moments where you finally get to sit down in silence with your coffee/wine all by yourself). 


I was featured on the Doing It At Home podcast.  Click here to listen in and learn my tiny human sleep secrets!

VILLAGE BUILDING BONUS: Every person who does a consultation with us will be invited to join a private Seed & Sew Village group on Facebook.  We support one another, share challenges and triumphs, and get to connect with people who may be going through similar experiences.  All village members in the group will also get exclusive tips and information from the team!

You are ready to expand your village, learn more about the tiny human brains, and enjoy your time with the little ones?!  Great, we can't wait to collaborate with you.

Disclaimer:  We do not practice cry it out, or often referred to as, extinction.  This does not mean that while we work on establishing new routines your tiny human will not shed a tear.  Instead, we will discuss the language of crying and what your child wish they had the words for in that moment.  We practice responsiveness to cries through different strategies.

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